Answer our Diplomatic Question of the Month

As members of Interstellar Diplomacy we are sponsoring the Diplomatic Question of the Month for the month of April. We are offering a P-72 Archimedes with LTI and two $5 subscriber flair items or skins. Here's how to participate:

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From April 22nd until April 29th, our question will be posted on the Interstellar Diplomacy spectrum and Discord. All you have to do is participate in the discussion and you will gain an entry into the raffle for the prizes. The 3 winners will be announced in those channels after the discussion is over.
The Pur'N'Kleen Question:

There is a player-run space station that is governed by an alliance of multiple organizations. Resources will need to be brought to this space station such as weapons, ammunition, fuel, food, clothing, and so on. How do you distribute contracts for these resources in a fair manner while also preventing internal conflicts?

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