About Us

About Us

Who are you?

The Pur'N'Kleen [PNK] Organization is a Star Citizen resources and trading worker cooperative organization. The name is an homage to The Expanse by James S.A. Corey.

Our business is your business

Pur'N'Kleen is in the business of providing Star Citizen organizations with a competitive edge by solving their maintenance and supply chain needs through approaches based on deep industry knowledge. By combining our warehouse, distribution, transportation, and advanced knowledge, we give Star Citizen organizations end-to-end visibility into their operations while reducing their costs.

Our Solutions and Services

We work with Combat, Mercantile, Exploration, and Racing Organizations and provide them with a variety of logistical and support services so they can focus on their craft.

Fuel Services
Our line of fuel products and services are designed to give pros the performance they need to get their jobs done right.
Maintenance and Repair
Let us take care of the regular maintenance for your ships. Our professional mechanics can fix any problem.
Fast moving and forward thinking crews that can get any job done.

In addition to the above, we also offer the following solutions to the community free of charge:

Mission Planner
A tool to help you plan missions for your org. Coming soon.
Fleet View
A tool to help you manage your fleet. Coming soon.