Our Benefits

Pur'N'Kleen Benefits

Employment and the ability to generate income
Pur’N’Kleen gives members an opportunity to become economically independent in a cooperative way.

Control over the way the work is organized, performed, and managed
The Pur'N'Kleen worker co-op structure provides an opportunity to balance member’s needs and concerns with the needs for profits and efficiency. Pur’N’Kleen also emphasizes the training and development of members.

Employment security
Income is not the only purpose of Pur’N’Kleen. As long as the enterprise is economically viable, Pur’N’Kleen will be managed and expected to generate income and provide stable employment/activities for its members.

Financial and ownership stake
Members contribute directly to building the enterprise and sharing in its success.

An opportunity to practice democracy in Star Citizen
Members participate directly in decisions that affect them in their workplace as well as those that determine the growth and success of the Pur'N'Kleen company.